Stem cells are cells which do not have any specialized assigned function. They have the potential to develop in any desired form. They play a role as the repair system of the human body. Whenever the need arises, they change into the form needed for example blood cells, osteoblasts, etc. There are two types of stem cells:

  • Embryonic stem cells
  • Adult stem cells

Embryonic Stem Cells (Also ECS or ES) are pluripotent stem cells which are derived from amniotic fluid and umbilical cord. Currently, researches are carrying out heavy research to discover the true potential of embryonic stem cells. However, there is always a chance that you are being manipulated based on misinformation. Here, we will discuss embryonic stem cells bait and switch.

Health care providers are using stem cells that are not viable to cheat people who are desperate to get their chronic joint or muscle pain treated. Anyone such as a nurse or a person who has no knowledge of your muscles and bones can give these injections.

These people tell the patients that their own stem cells that are the adult stem cells are not so effective in relieving them from pain and discomfort. Which is definitely a wrong statement. Your own stem cells are found to be most effective in treating osteoarthritis and back pain. They make them buy the embryonic stem cells which are not even viable to earn money. The whole procedure to extract and store embryonic stem cells to keep them viable requires you to be an expert. There are clinics who administer dead amniotic and umbilical cord stem cells and claim that is alive. Dead stem cells cannot initiate the production of specialized cells to help you with your problem. As a result, you still suffer from the same chronic pain without any improvement.

These clinics use the same day stem cell procedures which do not work. A complete stem cell therapy requires stem cells that are collected through culture expanded procedures and then they are grown to get a pure population of the stem cells. Which definitely requires more than one day to get completed. Umbilical cord itself has stem cells in Warton’s jelly but the umbilical cord products that these clinics use do not have any viable stem cells. The stem cells in these products die during their sterilization, freezing and shipping to the clinics.

The stem cells derived from the patient himself are the only living stem cells that can treat the problem at its best. Adipose tissue is known to be the best source for extracting adult stem cells. Freezing kills both the embryonic and the adult stem cells.

Before opting for a clinic for your stem cell therapy, make sure that it is licensed clinic using your own adult stem cells to save yourself from a loss. No improvement has been found in pain in the patients who went for this umbilical stem cell bait.