régénérer® Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Solutions for Elbow Pain

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, régénérer® has been on the forefront in facilitating access to advanced Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for aching elbows. Working with modern procedures, we offer the most advanced injectable treatments for elbow injuries, arthritis, and elbow overuse conditions such as tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

In the real world, there are many people who experience elbow pain to a myriad of reasons and chalk up finding relief up to traditional treatments, such as icing and massages. This is not to say that these methods work for some problems, not all elbow-related pain can be alleviated with just that.

On the other side of the scale, conventional medicine recommends painful and invasive surgeries that have long recovery times. Again, for severe damage sustained to the elbow, surgery might be necessary.

However, for other cases, a non-surgical solution might be a better option. These people, experiencing elbow pain from ligament or tendon issues, overuse, or arthritis, can benefit from regenerative medicine.

That is why régénérer®, with expertise in orthopedics and regenerative medicine, has focused primarily on Stem Cell and PRP treatments. These therapies nudge the body’s natural ability to start healing itself.

They also have better recovery ties as they are administered with injections in the affected area. There is no need to put you under heavy anesthesia and open up tissue.

Elbow Conditions Treated with PRP & Stem Cell Therapies

The following are some of the most common elbow conditions targeted for treatment with régénérer® Stem Cell Therapy and PRP treatment. There are other conditions not mentioned in the list that may be eligible for treatment. You can give us a call to discuss your individual case.

Elbow Arthritis
Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
Golfer’s Elbow or Medial Epicondylitis
Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis
Tendon and Ligament Issues

How does it work?

Stem Cell Therapy for Elbow Conditions

For injuries, arthritis and over conditions, stem cell therapy has been found to be effective. régénérer® uses its signature procedure to administer the process, based on the patient’s medical condition.

We harvest stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow and then injected in your elbow. These stem cells replicate your body’s repair mechanisms and growth factors in the affected area, encouraging natural healing.

These stem cells are capable of differentiating into bone, muscle, tendon, and cartilage (specialized cells) cells, renewing ones that were damaged. The process of regeneration and repair slowly and naturally.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

PRP treatments involve the use of platelet lysate injections that contain components from the patient’s own blood. When injected into the elbow, these increase the body’s ability to heal and repair itself.

The treatment is known to be effective for regenerative treatment of the elbow ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints. They work because they stimulate the existing stem cells in the elbow, accelerating the healing of damaged cells.

Find out If You’re Eligible for Elbow Therapy