Treating Spine and Cervical Injuries and Conditions with régénérer® Stem Cell and PRP Therapies

Our spine is an incredibly crucial part of our body. Even the slightest strain, such as sitting for too long can cause great discomfort. Hence, it’s understandable that bulging or herniated discs and degenerative conditions can lead to chronic spinal or back pain.

Our insight and experience in both regenerative orthopedics and regenerative treatments enable us to offer a solution for this pain. Instead of slicing open into one of the most delicate structures in the human body, régénérer® offers advanced Stem Cell and Plasma therapies.

Why régénérer®?

Most patients have limited options when it comes to chronic back pain. Medication for pain management through continued injection of analgesics is one option. However, it only facilitates pain relief but no improvement in the source of pain.

The other most common treatment is surgery. This involves fusing parts of the spine, which may at times, fail to alleviate pain and reduce mobility. In addition to that, the recovery might be long and arduous. Overall, there is much higher risk involved when you operate on the spine.

Regenerative orthopedics recognizes these downsides and offer solutions that can reduce or eliminate these risks.

The régénérer® Goal

The main aim of regenerative therapy is to facilitate the body’s healing processes in the spine without major surgery. Injecting stem cells or plasma into the affected spinal joints jumpstarts the body’s natural repair mechanism.

It can lead to reduced inflammation, pain relief, new tissue formation, and gradual ease in mobility. The procedures are meant to be non-invasive and relieve pain symptoms without virtually no downtime and a lengthy recovery.

How does régénérer® Stem Cell Therapy Work for the Spine?

Stem cells exist throughout our bodies, renewing damaged and dead cells. These unique cells also have the ability to differentiate into other types of cells, depending on the tissue they are concentrated in.

Many spinal conditions affect patients due to slow or poor stem cells in the spine joints. By injecting bone marrow-sourced stem cells into these areas, régénérer® utilizes the body’s ability to repair itself.

Using image-guided techniques, we inject stem cells into the affected area, populating it with healthy stem cells. These cells help repair damages sustained to the spine, regenerating and strengthening the weakened joints.

How does régénérer® Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Work for the Spine?

Plasmas lysate injections or platelet rich plasma is an injection that consists of healthy platelets and growing components from your own blood. These are responsible for increasing the body’s ability to self-heal and repair itself.

Platelets are cells that flow within our blood. Whenever there is an injury – internal or external –platelets start collecting at the affected region to repair the damage. For instance, the pink layer that covers a fresh cut the next day is because of these platelets.

régénérer® extracts these platelets and growing components from your blood to prepare an injection. This is injected into your spine using ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance to ensure accuracy.

Minor tears and inflammation and soft tissue arthritis may be effectively treated with PRP treatments while stem cell therapy targets more significant issues.

What Conditions Benefit from régénérer®Stem Cell and PPR Therapies

For spinal therapy, régénérer® uses Stem Cell therapy and PRP therapy for the following conditions. The list is limited to some of the most common conditions. If your condition is not in the list, talk to régénérer® to find out.

Annular Tears
Herniated discs
DDP or Degenerative Disc Pain
Nerve or Neck Pain
Torn Discs
Bone spurs
Degenerative Spine
Pinched nerves
Slipped Discs
Bulging discs
Disc Extrusion
Spinal Stenosis
Radiating Nerve Pain

Bulging or Herniated Discs

Bulging or protruding discs are caused when the outer layer of the discs is damaged or partially damaged, resulting in the inner gel to create a bulge. On the other hand, a herniated disc or slipped disc develops when the outer layer is damaged or torn, causing the gel to come out.

These conditions can cause serious spinal conditions, such as sciatica, herniated cervical, lumbar disc problems, and more.

Stem cell and plasma injections can encourage the repair and regeneration of the damaged covering. This restores the disc’s strength, providing relief without the need for complex and painful surgeries.

Degenerated Disc Pain

DDP is caused by discs that lose their height. It results in further serious complications, such as stenosis, arthritis, lax ligaments, and overall spinal instability. The pain can be overwhelming, and in some cases, debilitating.

Stem Cell Therapy performed by régénérer® specialists can impact the affected area and allow the cells to increase the disc height by regenerating damaged cells. This can release pressure off the discs and provide pain relief.

Torn Discs

Annual tears in spinal discs can cause severe pain. It results from tearing in the outer covering of the disc due to an injury or accident. It may lead to other conditions, such as sciatica.

régénérer® Stem Cell therapy offers a solution, introducing healthy stem cells in the torn disc, giving it the ability to repair itself. This leads to improvement in the tear and eventual pain relief.

Are you a Candidate for régénérer® Stem Cell or PRP Spinal Therapy?

Although stem cell therapy and PRP treatment have promising results for many patients with spinal problems, not all cases are candidates. Book an appointment with a regenerative medicine specialist at régénérer® today to find out.