Breakthrough régénérer® Regenerative Treatments for Hand and Wrist Pain

Acute or chronic pain in the hand or wrist can be signs of damage in the joints caused by an injury or degenerative condition. Arthritis of different kinds, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and injuries sustained externally are quite common.

Traditional medicine offers relief in the form of painful invasive surgeries that have long recovery periods. While some patients require these surgeries, they don’t always often provide relief to others..

Regenerative medicine offers non-surgical solutions that utilize the human body’s incredible ability to heal itself.

régénérer® comes with Dr. Khalique’s expertise and experience in regenerative orthopedics. We offer advanced non-surgical Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma procedures administered via injections.

These régénérer® solutions are designed for people experiencing pain and limited mobility in their hands or wrists.

Hand and Wrist Conditions régénérer® Treats

Your wrists comprise 8 small bones called the carpals that support the carpal tunnel, which contains a nerve and tendons. This tunnel is covered with a ligament. All of these musculoskeletal parts work together to move your wrist.

The rest of the hand extends from the carpals into metacarpals and phalanges. These bones, along with ligaments and nerves, are responsible for your hand’s movement.

Overuse Conditions and Injuries

Exhaustive use of these bones and muscles can cause overuse conditions. In fact, these conditions are so common that they’ve earned names, such as skier’s thumb and gamer’s thumb. Repetitive stress on the thumb causes pain and limits motion.

Arthritis of the Hand and Thumb

Degenerative conditions, such as basal joint arthritis, are common and start affecting people at a relatively young age. This can result in mild to severe pain and difficulty in moving the thumb, wrist or the entire hand.

régénérer® PRP and Stem Cell Treatments target these areas with regenerative therapy that encourage natural healing in the affected area. It banks on the growth factors and platelets present in your blood or bone marrow to repair areas that cause pain.

régénérer® also targets:

  • TFCC Tears
  • Joint or Musculoskeletal Instability
  • Trigger Finger Condition

How régénérer® Hand and Wrist Therapy Works

Stem Cell Therapy

Complying with FDA regulations, régénérer® extracts stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow. After harvesting the stem cells, the concentrate is injected into the affected area with the help of ultrasound guidance to ensure precise administration.

These stem cells have the capability of differentiating into other cells. When injected in hands or wrists, these cells start the healing process by renewing the damaged stem cells in the treated area.

Stem Cell therapy is used to treat conditions and injuries that might be too severe than those that can be treated with régénérer® PRP treatments.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

The PRP treatment is performed quite similarly to how stem cell therapy is administered. A concentrate containing growth factors and healthy platelets from the patient’s own blood are injected into the affected area on the wrist or hands.

These growth factors react with the stem cells already present in the targeted area, stimulating them to begin repairing the damaged tissue. The efficacy of these treatments has made them quite popular among athletes.

This treatment is found to be most effective for soft tissue injuries and mild arthritis in the hands and wrists.

Are you a Candidate for régénérer® Hand and Wrist Therapy?

If you have been experiencing excruciating pain and limited mobility in your hands or wrists, you might be suffering from an injury or a degenerative condition. Find out if you’re a candidate for régénérer® Stem Cell or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment today.