Advanced régénérer® Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Treatment for Knee Conditions

Preventing the need for painful surgical intervention, Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma are slowly gaining popularity as alternative treatments.régénérer® provides advanced regenerative therapies to alleviate knee pain caused by arthritis, meniscus and labrum tears, injuries, and degenerative conditions.

Alternative to Knee Surgery

Out of the various afflictions affecting the human musculoskeletal system, knee problems continue to be the most common; especially among athletes and older adults. Aging tends to wear down the cartilage protecting our joints and the synovium nourishing the cartilage.

This leads to osteoarthritis that further progresses to developing spurs. Chronic pain and mobility problems while walking or climbing can become overwhelming. Conservative treatments are targeted at managing the pain.

Most patients, at some point, are recommended a replacement surgery. However, knee surgery comes at the cost of painful recovery and long rehab time. In fact, it can take some people up to 12 months to resume normal activities.

Also, knee surgeries have a lifespan. This means that after a specific period of time has passed, the patients will require another surgery, which is usually more complex and takes even longer to recover from.

régénérer® offers specialized Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments that may be an alternative to knee replacement surgery. These minimally invasive procedures are typically performed within one day with little to no downtime.

Knee Conditions Stem Cell and PRP Treatments Can Treat

régénérer® regenerative treatments are meant to target a number of ailments affecting the knees. Several injuries, overuse, trauma, and degenerative conditions are eligible for these treatments. Talk to Dr. Khalique or régénérer® to find out if your condition can be treated.

Articular Knee Arthritis

This is common in older people due to overuse and strain put on the knees over time. This particular type of arthritis is harder to treat and still remains a major orthopedic issue due to the poor repair mechanisms of the tissue surrounding the knee joint.

Stem cell or PRP therapy can increase the regenerative ability of the cells in the knee joint. As a result, the joint may regain smooth mobility and the cartilage’s ability to absorb shock.

Osteoarthritis in the Knees

This type of arthritis is a degenerative condition where the cartilage around the knee joint slowly deteriorates and wears down. This impacts its ability to function properly. If osteoarthritis isn’t managed, it can extend damage to the ligaments, tendons, articular cartilage, synovial lining, and the muscles.

Stem cell therapy may accelerate repair functions and encourage natural healing. The cells renew themselves and repair caused by osteoarthritis, and it does that without the serious complications that come with invasive knee surgery.

Meniscus Tears

Athletes and people who have jobs involving lifting heavy weights can injure their knees with meniscus tears. These tears are quite common. A large population of patients chooses surgery as their treatment. However, meniscus surgeries can be a hit or miss for some patients.

Regenerative treatments injected into the meniscus area can encourage regeneration of the tissue. This may potentially heal the meniscus slowly, strengthening its ability to absorb shock to allow comfortable mobility.

ACL Tears

Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL stabilizes the knee for the front and backward movement of the knee. Athletes are the most common patient population with ACL injuries. The common treatment involves surgical removal of the ACL and implanting a synthetic one.

Stem cell therapy can be considered for ACL tears as it can help repair and regenerate the ligament. Stem cells help the healing process without the need for surgical intervention. With régénérer® you may have a chance to return to your favorite activity.

Other Conditions

Depending on your medical history and the severity of the knee condition, you might be eligible for stem cell therapy or PRP treatment. Besides the ones mentioned above briefly, régénérer® may treat the following:

Instability in the knee joint
Patellofemoral Syndrome
Baker’s cyst
Tendinopathy in the hamstring

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

For knee issues that are not too significant can be treated with régénérer® PRR treatment. This form of regenerative treatment uses platelets and growth components from your blood instead of stem cells.

The PRP treatment is performed quite similarly to how stem cell therapy. Once platelets and growth factors have been extracted, they are injected into the affected area. The injection stimulates stem cells to repair themselves.

Stem Cell Therapy for Degenerative Knee Conditions and Injuries

Stem cells exist throughout our bodies. They are our body’s natural healing system as they can renew our cells. What makes them unique is their ability to develop into different kinds of cells. This includes cartilage cells, which are crucial in arthritis treatment.

régénérer® extracts and then harvests stem cells from the patient’s own bone-marrow as they are in abundance there. Using image-guided procedures with high-quality ultrasound equipment, stem cells are injected into the knee. Within a few weeks, the stem cells begin repairing the cartilage, providing pain relief and improved motion.

Why régénérer® Regenerative Therapy?

Quick Recovery

Knee surgery is a long process. From pre-op to the actual procedure and the post-op recovery, it can take up to months for the patient to be able to stand. With stem cell therapy and PRP treatment, there might be some differences from patient to patients but generally, patients return to normal life not long after.

Minimally Invasive

Since the word surgery is right in there, knee replacements and other procedures are invasive and painful. On the other hand, stem cell and PRP is administered via injections. Also, since the plasma and stem cells are sourced from the patient, there is potentially less risk of rejection.

Is régénérer® Knee Therapy Right for You?

Find out of your knee condition or injury is a candidate for regenerative therapy. Contact régénérer® today to book an appointment or ask further questions.